We have had a number of reports from clients that they have an email from IRD which tells them to click on a link to receive their tax refund. So, is the email genuine? Unfortunately the answer is NO. These emails are scam or phishing emails that are designed to take you to the fraudsters website, where you will be asked for personal information and in some cases, to send money to them. 

What are the clues that IRD say make the difference?

Well firstly, IRD won't send you an email asking you to enter any private information or inviting you to log into your myIR account. And IRD will also never call you about a refund either - so watch out for that too.

Look carefully at the email, any of these are the clues that it is a scam:
    - it states that an IR4 return is an individual tax return;
    - it relates to the 2013 year (or prior) which was completed some time ago;
    - it has spelling mistakes;
    - it uses the words "fiscal activity"; and/or
    - it has a link to a website.

Click here for an example of a scam email.

Be suspicious!  If you receive an email that seems to be from IRD and you are not sure, please contact us to confirm it before giving out any information.  Safety first!