We've become aware of an increase in the instances of ransomware in New Zealand and around the world.

What is Ransomware?

It is malicious software that literally holds your computer to ransom by preventing you from accessing some or all of the information on your computer unless you pay a ransom by a certain time.

How does Ransomware get onto my computer or server?

The main ways you can get Ransomware are emails containing attachments or malicious links. The emails can appear to be genuine emails from large corporates e.g. NZ Post, NZ Police, FedEx, Inland Revenue, etc.  

How do I know I have it?

It may not appear immediately, but at some point you will get a window on your PC containing instructions and a countdown timer. It's important to understand that this is a genuine threat to you and your business data (even your personal data on your home computers and devices).

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