Inland Revenue have announced changes from the 1st of October 2014 on how you can pay your tax and when payments and returns will be considered "on time". This relates to all the different types of tax you pay.

How you can pay?

You won't be able to drop off cheque payments, returns or forms to Westpac from the 1st of October. You can still make cash and eftpos payments at Westpac branches.

You can pay electronically, send cheques by post or bring your cheque payments and returns in to us.

When is your payment "on time"?

Currently you are able to post your cheques and forms to Inland Revenue on the due date and have them considered "on time". However, from 1 October this will no longer be the case. You need to post your returns and payments so they will arrive by the due date otherwise you may get charged penalties and interest.

So why, you ask, well because Inland Revenue are trying to encourage you to pay online by removing any advantage you may have had by paying by cheque and posting on the due date.

We make a delivery to Inland Revenue each due date so if you have missed the post and you want to make a payment by cheque just bring your cheque and form into us by 3pm on or before the due date and we can deliver them into the Inland Revenue for you.