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The risky business of Ransomware!

We've become aware of an increase in the instances of ransomware in New Zealand and around the world.

What is Ransomware?

It is malicious software that literally holds your computer to ransom by preventing you from accessing some or all of the information on your computer unless you pay a ransom by a certain time.

How does Ransomware get onto my computer or server?

The main ways you can get Ransomware are emails containing attachments or malicious links. The emails can appear to be genuine emails from large corporates e.g. NZ Post, NZ Police, FedEx, Inland Revenue, etc.  

How do I know I have it?

It may not appear immediately, but at some point you will get a window on your PC containing instructions and a countdown timer. It's important to understand that this is a genuine threat to you and your business data (even your personal data on your home computers and devices).

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Getting out of the office and competitive

This year Graeme Knobloch, Peter Gillies and Leon Collier entered the Tremains Corporate Triathlon which  was on Sunday the 13th of March. The Tri consists of a 600 metre swim in Pandora Pond, 5km run from Pandora Pond to Westshore Domain and a 20km bike ride from Westshore Domain to Bayview and back again. Our team completed the tri in 1 hour 14 minutes and 51 seconds coming 52 out of 231 teams, the first team home made it in 53 minutes and 42 seconds so our team did an amazing job!

It's great to be involved in this event, which is the second largest multi-sport team event in Hawke's Bay. Bit of a change from accounting that's for sure!


Inland Revenue Activity - Cash Jobs

Inland Revenue are continuing to focus on compliance in the construction industry. Clients in the construction industry may soon receive a letter or email from Inland Revenue regarding your obligations to declare all cash jobs.

A reminder that while you may not trade in the construction industry it is worth noting that this message applies to anyone that does jobs for cash.

If you think you may be affected by this, or if you receive a letter or email from Inland Revenue, please contact us urgently.

Charity Reporting - Take Action Now!

New reporting requirements for registered charities came into force from 1 April 2015. This means that registered charities will need to prepare financial statements in line with these new standards. One of the big changes is a need for all charities to report on 'service performance'. This is a report on what the organisation did to achieve its core objectives. The reporting requirements distinguish between 'outcomes' and 'outputs'. An outcome is the benefit you want to provide to the community, say 'Improve the quality of life of those living with XYZ disease'. An output is the specific service (or goods) delivered, e.g. 'Provide cheap/free accommodation near base hospitals for rural patients' or 'Train puppies to become guide dogs'. 
   What you have to do:
  • Identify your organisation's outcomes. They can often be derived from the mission statement 
  • List your major outputs 
  • Establish a system for measuring delivery of outputs. You will want to report quantities delivered, e.g. number of patients accommodated and/or number of nights, and optionally: 
  • Costs associated with the output 
  • Quality and 
  • Timeliness 
  • Prepare a budget for the delivery of outputs and 
  • Establish, if practical, the quantities delivered in the previous year
It's important you start this now, as it will be difficult to do at the end of the financial year.
If you want help with this give us a call today and talk it through.

IRD Alert - Scams


IRD have made us aware of a number of scams that are active at the moment. These include emails, text messages to your phone and phone calls. Most require you to respond with personal information and some will ask you to pay some money up front to get access to your refund. These scams are sophisticated and can include either emails or websites with the IRD logo on them so they appear as genuine as possible.   
The latest scam is a text message from "Inland Revenue" that indicates you have outstanding tax to pay. If you receive an email, phone call or text message from IRD requesting any information or payment please contact us on 06 835 5018 to confirm this as soon as possible. Do not make any payments, no matter how urgent it seems.

For more information on keeping your identity safe and scams see the IRD website here.



New in Xero - Business Performance Dashboard

What is the Business Performance Dashboard and how will it help you and your business?

Dashboard is a summary of key data in graph format that helps you understand how your business is performing in real time (see below for examples). This data highlights trends in your business performance over the last 12 months. You can access this from your Reports Menu - Business Performance.  You can click into the heading for each graph and see how the trend is calculated and where the data comes from.

Interested in learning more about this feature? Check out Xero's blog on the feature here.

We can help you interpret this new information to make business decisions. Give us a call and we can talk you through the relevant graphs and explain what they indicate about your business performance. We can tailor your dashboard graphs to show those that are most meaningful for your business, and set the dashboard as the first screen you see when you log into Xero.


Self Employment & ACC

ACC offer two cover options for self-employed people.

CoverPlus is the standard cover for self-employed and includes 24-hour no-fault cover for work-related and non-work related personal injuries with access to medical treatment, rehabilitation and the 80% compensation for lost earnings. Cover is based on your previous year's earnings and levies are paid based on your tax return. Where you haven't filed a tax return yet you may be entitled to cover based on the cost of living, currently $440 per week provided you are working over 30 hours a week.

CoverPlus Extra is an optional product that lets you (as a self-employed person or non PAYE shareholder employee) negotiate a pre-agreed level of lost earning compensation. This gives you certainty around your compensation should you be injured. This replaces your CoverPlus protection. If you claim there is no proof of earning required and you receive 100% of the agreed lost earning until you are fit for full-time work. This is a great option for those whose income fluctuates, where your income isn't a true reflection of actual earnings, where your business will still generate income while you are injured, if you haven't been employed for long or if you want a guaranteed level of ACC cover.

Ring and discuss these options with us if you want further information. We can assist you to get the best cover for your specific circumstances.



Relay for Life - Big Thank You!


We are thrilled with the support received for our Relay for Life event. We have raised just over $2,400 to date, with more coming in over the day including the Gardiner Knobloch staff Jean's Day and perhaps some more donations over the next few weeks.

The photo shows some of our staff ready for the big event that kicks off at 1.30pm tomorrow afternoon! We have family and friends walking with our team, supporters joining us over the 20 hours and are sure to have a lot of fun along the way. You are welcome to join us at any time between the opening ceremony at 1.30pm Saturday and the close at 10am Sunday.
We will share some pictures from the Relay in our next newsletter.

It's not too late to donate. Click here to make a donation to the Cancer Society.





Relay for Life - The Countdown!

We are counting down to the Hawkes Bay Relay for Life in support of the Cancer Society. We have a great team of committed walkers and supporters that will be at the track over the 20 hours of the Relay starting 1.30pm on Saturday the 28th of February.

We are also coming together for some events during the Relay that you are welcome to join us for - afternoon tea, BBQ dinner and breakfast.

Check out our news page about our Relay for Life - click here.

We welcome your support and it would be great to see you at the Relay on the 28th of February and/or 1st of March or by supporting our fundraising.

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