How to pay provisional & terminal tax online

You can pay your tax using internet banking. Generally either from the main page in your internet banking, or the payments page, you will see a link to Pay Tax. All banks call it something different: Pay tax, Make a tax payment, Tax payment, IRD Payments, Pay your tax.

Once you have clicked on this link your internet banking system will prompt you to enter the following information which can all be found on your tax notice: Tax Type = INC (Income Tax, Terminal Tax, Provisional Tax), Tax Year, IRD Number, Amount, Due Date

A copy of a sample notice is shown below highlighting where you can find this information:


For detailed information on making tax payments online see the IRD website here.

If your internet banking doesn't have a Pay Tax feature you can make a one off payment using the following information:

IRD Bank Account Information

 Name of bank:  Westpac  Particulars:  IRD Number
 Name of account:  Inland Revenue    Payee Code:  INC Period (e.g. 31032014)
 Account Number:  03-0049-0001100-27    Reference:  Nothing is required


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